Breed: Flatcoated Retriever

BFA Number: 0075A

Total flyball points: 390

Award: Flyball Dog

Bridie learned flyball aged 7, having retired from agility with spondylosis.  She was one of the original Bassett Allsorts dogs, was the first in the club to get her FD award, and narrowly missed being the first Flat Coated Retriever in the UK to get the title.  She ran at every competition from the start, until age caught up with her, but she continued for a while longer by sharing racing with Tootsie, another elder statesman.  Bridie died a month short of her 13th birthday in 2000.  She was the kindest, sweetest dog you could ever wish to meet and would put 100% of her effort and enthusiasm into anything you asked her to do.