Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

BFA Number: 0075E

Total flyball points: 213

08/11/1996 - 22/09/2009

Fastest single leg: 6.02s

Award: Flyball Dog

Daisy’s epitaph is from a WW2 song which Hilary’s Dad was always singing to her:

So dumb but so beautiful

So dumb it really hurts

I gaze into that lovely dome

And realize there’s no-one home

So dumb but so beautiful

To anyone who knew Daisy this was so appropriate, despite her being the first Setter to get her FD title and always qualifying in Division 1 ABC Cleverdogs.  She was also a very reliable agility dog but used her grace and elegance rather than speed.  To quote the vet who sent her over the Rainbow Bridge, she was “incredibly gentle”.