Breed: German Shepherd Dog

BFA Number: 1929A

Average time (8”): 4.70s

Total flyball points: 23254

15/06/2000 - 10/12/2012

Fastest single leg (8”): 4.54s

Award: Ice Blue Moon

Katie started competing at flyball in June 2004, soon settled into the game, & became a consistent & reliable start dog. Within a few years she was the highest scoring GSD on the flyball circuit & maintained that position until arthritis in her stifle forced her into retirement in September 2010. She still holds that treasured place at the top of the breed standings, & is currently the only GSD in the BFA to have attained the Ice Blue Moon award. In 2011 Katie underwent knee replacement surgery & made a full recovery, allowing her to enjoy her retirement to the full. Sadly, after discovering a tumour on her spleen in November 2012, & with Katie not responding to any treatment for it, Elaine made the very difficult decision to say the final goodbye. Run free at the Bridge Katie, you will be greatly missed by many.