Breed: Malinois

BFA Number: 3879A

Average time (10”): 4.40s

Total flyball points: 23635

Date of Birth: 14/06/2007

Fastest single leg (11”): 4.20s

Award: Ice Blue Moon

We adopted Jed from a rescue centre when he was about three months old. He’d been badly neglected and looked like a “live” skeleton with skin draped over him! However, despite his early unpleasant experiences at the hands of humans he had an amazing temperament loving human company, especially being cuddled and stroked. In fact there was nothing better than being pampered and fussed as far as Jed was concerned or so we thought .............. until one day Jed found a ball and so the obsession began! To begin with Jed’s love of a ball was fun, he’d carry one around all of the time, play fetch – we didn’t have the problem in the park those other poor souls had where they would throw the ball and the dog would chase it and then leave or lose it Jed would always fetch his ball back. Jed then progressed onto wanting everyone else’s ball which became a huge problem when he would run off and burst children’s balls, ruin football matches etc and when on the lead would become so hysterical to get to a ball he could see someone playing with he would pull us over or snap his collar to get there. He’s cost us a small fortune paying out “ball money” to angry parents and footballers. Someone suggested we try to take Jed’s mind off of balls by taking him to agility classes. He could have been a fantastic agility dog but all he wanted to do was bark, run through the tunnels and jump on and off the contact equipment. Weaves – what’s the point of them when you can get to the other end quicker without going through them! We then saw an advert for a local flyball club, thought we’d try it and have never looked back. Jed immediately loved it and we have been playing flyball ever since. Jed lives for flyball and is never happier than when he’s training or racing. The amazing thing is that since Jed started flyball he has never run off stealing other peoples balls again, he seems totally fulfilled with a life of flyball and fusses.