Breed: Malinois

BFA Number: 3880A

Total flyball points: 0

Date of Birth: 21/05/2008

Award: None

Major came to us from a working kennel when he was three months old. He was the last of the boys in the litter and the breeders were unable to find a working home for him so he joined our family as they knew we would involve him in dog sports so he could work in another way as he had been bred to work. He was a poorly puppy surviving lungworm and bronchitis and suffered from separation anxiety, Major was never into fusses and cuddles as a young dog, and when out for walks appeared lazy and tired quickly which was unusual for this breed of dog. Major did love to play ball and once he was old enough we introduced him to flyball which he loved. He was doing really well in Starters competitions when one day coming back down the lane with the ball he slowed down to a walk and struggled over the line. We took him to our vet  as we were sure something was wrong with his lungs following his previous illness but no, bilateral hip dysplasia was diagnosed. Poor Major had been in pain and suffering and here we were thinking he was just lazy as he had never been lame or shown any outward signs of distress (we know now that his tiredness etc was the signs). Our primary care vet referred Major to Noel Fitzpatrick (the “Bionic Vet”) and we were told that he needed surgery as he was in considerable pain but like many dogs was brave and did not make a fuss. We then spent three months giving Major extensive hydrotherapy to build his muscles around his hips and get him fit in preparation for surgery. He then had surgery on the worse affected hip which had complications as he also had to have an unexpected partial pelvis re-build as well as a new hip joint followed by more extensive hydrotherapy. The results of Major’s hip replacement have been amazing. We have a happy, active dog that will play and run for hours who loves fusses and will protect his family and other pack members who he adores. Sadly, Major will never be able to reach Open racing in flyball as due to his pelvis re-build he is not allowed to turn on the box. He does however do Starters as long as the ball is thrown or rolled to him. In addition to flyball Major is brilliant at search and find and has recently completed a course in tracking.