Breed: Crossbreed

BFA Number: 3880B

Total flyball points: 0

Award: None

Raisin came to us from a working kennel when she was four months old. She was the runt of the litter and the breeder was unable to find a working home for her so she joined our family as he knew we would involve her in dog sports so she could work in another way as he had been bred to work. Unfortunately Raisin had not been socialised as a young puppy and had already developed a very strong guarding instinct combined with fear aggression when she came to live with us at four months. This has resulted in us having to work very hard with her so that she can become sociable and in control of her actions. We found a training class “Phoenix Dog Training Club” that accepted Raisin and thanks to the trainer Tan Wheeler and the other class members Raisin has made incredible strides. We call her our “work in progress”. Raisin is obsessed with balls and will play all day with them. She has recently started flyball training and is making fantastic progress technically. Her biggest challenge will be learning to transfer her training into an arena of other dogs and just focus on her job ignoring everything else around her.  Raisin will not be rushed into this and we will only allow her to compete when she is ready however long it takes. Despite her hard exterior, Raisin is fantastic at home with our family. She loves to sit on us and have cuddles and is a real sweetie in our own environment.