Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

BFA Number: 3999

Average time (8”):

Total flyball points: 0

15/09/1996 - 17/02/2012

Fastest single leg (8”):

Award: None

Jodie was the runt of her litter & joined our family at 6 weeks old when she was only the size of a hamster. As a result of her tiny size, she was spoilt rotten by friends & family, but fortunately she still grew up into a lovely little dog :-) She excelled at her obedience classes from a young age, and thoroughly enjoyed doing flyball & agility too, although we never competed at any shows in either sport. Her toy of choice was always a standard-sized tennis ball & she would happily entertain herself for hours, just chasing the ball around the house! A wonderfully even-tempered dog, Jodie won the hearts of almost everyone we met & was at her happiest when she was by my side. She loved travelling to new places where she could investigate all the new scents, but was equally at home snuggled up on my lap or snoozing in a sunny spot on the bed. In 2008 Jodie had to have her tail amputated as she had a Mast Cell Tumour on it. Although the cancer did not appear to come back, she was diagnosed with Cushing´s Disease in 2009. She continued to enjoy her life to the full, but the Cushings finally got the upper hand & on a very sad day in February 2012 I choose to do the kindest thing I could & let her go to Rainbow Bridge. Run free little Jodie, I will love you forever xx