Breed - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Date of birth - 12/12/2007
BFA number - 3999B
Fastest Single Leg (11”) - 4.73s
Current Average Time (10”) - 5.14s
Total Flyball Points - 33,030
Highest Award - Pearl
Jessie joined our family at 8 months old, with a bit of baggage and showing fearful aggression towards any dogs that were not part of her immediate adoptive family. She never showed much of an interest in tennis balls or raggers so we assumed that she’d come along to the shows as a spectator but nothing more. However, after living with Shilo for 6 months, some of Shilo’s obsessive behaviour with balls obviously rubbed off and Jessie started to show an interest in chasing tennis balls, rather than just destroying them. A further 6 months down the line and the ragger had become her toy of choice! Thanks to loads of patience and help from everyone in Bassett Allsorts Flyball Club (and many others in the flyball community), we have been able to socialise Jessie properly around highly-excited dogs, and re-educate her into understanding that other dogs are friend, not foe. She is now a completely different dog, and flyball racing is her world - she even sings very loudly to share her excitement with everyone around her!