Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

BFA Number: 3999C

Average time (7”): 5.30s

Total flyball points: 0

KC Name: Zulu Trusting Treasure

Date of Birth: 27/06/2010

Fastest single leg (7”): 5.30s

Award: None

Thembi started out as a terribly nervous puppy, but with love, patience, training & time (lots of time!) she has grown into a more confident dog with a great big personality. Flyball training initially proved a little too much for Thembi, awakening her very strong chase instinct. However, after spending a year dabbling in the sport of agility for fun, Thembi matured a lot and went back to Flyball training, thoroughly enjoying herself. She did one starters competition & was very excited on standby but sadly it all became a little too overwhelming once racing began. She is, however, still the best flyball cheerleader in the world & cheers on the teams at every opportunity. She will always be my special little Bogbrush regardless of the fact that flyball is not the sport for her.