Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

BFA Number: 3999D

Average time (7”): 6.36s

Total flyball points: 11,125

KC Name: Rhodesia’s Beauty

Date of Birth: 27/06/2010

Fastest single leg (7”): 6.25

Award: Silver

Naka's name means 'beautiful' in Shona, a native language of Zimbabwe & she is a typical JRT, loves running about at top speed, is stubborn & loves the sound of her own voice! However, she also has a very soft side & will often be found snuggled up on a lap snoozing or will politely demand cuddles with a gentle tap of her paw whilst staring at you with those beautiful brown eyes. Naka loves playing fetch & started competing at flyball at the age of 3. She's not fond of racing in the heat or the rain, especially if it's muddy, but gets very excited in the ring & is very competitive, trying to beat the opposition across the line regardless of their size!