Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

BFA Number: 3999E

Average time (7”): 6.58s

Total flyball points: 12,310

KC Name: Little Lionheart Shinglewings

Date of Birth: 27/06/2010

Fastest single leg (7”): 6.21s

Award: Silver

Shinga's name means 'Brave' in Shona, a native language of Zimbabwe. She has oodles of energy & is absolutely ball mad, making flyball the perfect sport for her. She puts her heart & soul into racing, running every race as fast as her little legs can carry her & trying her best to be back before the opposition. Being so small she initially had problems triggering the box & catching the ball, but some extra practice on the box over the first winter streamlined her turn nicely. Dropped into the ‘deep end’, Shinga had her flyball open debut at just 2 years old, at the 2012 European Flyball Championships & coped extremely well, being part of the Bassett Tutti Fruittis team who came 3rd in Division 15 & won the Divisional Speed Trials!