Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

BFA Number: 3999G

Average time (7”):

Total flyball points: 6,970

Date of Birth: 01/07/2014

Fastest single leg (7”):

Award: Flyball Dog Advanced

Topsy joined the family at 6 months old & needed a lot of work on socialisation with people & dogs. She's stubborn, wilful & as naughty as the day is long, but bright as a button & eager to please. Her Flyball journey began with a shaky start as she was very frightened & mistrustful of dogs & people that she did not know. She wasn’t very interested in holding onto the ball whilst jumping & her preferred activity was chasing other dogs - the opposition’s or her own team, both options were equally exciting! Perseverance & patience have paid off & she has made great progress with confidence in herself & her ability to play the game. She’s still got some way to go before she’s totally bombproof in the ring but things are looking promising for her Flyball future.