Breed: Welsh Cardigan Corgi

BFA Number: 4544A

Average time (7”): 10.00s

Total flyball points: 3645

Date of Birth: 14/02/2009

Fastest single leg (7”): 9.30s

Award: Flyball Dog Graduate

When we saw a photo of Tammy on Valgrays Border Collie Rescue website we immediately fell in love with her. She oozed character and was saying “come and get me if you dare”! Unfortunately our application for her was too late and she was already out on a two week trial when we submitted it. A few weeks later we glanced at the website again and to our amazement Tammy’s photo was back on there with no “out on trial” notice. We immediately contacted the rescue and to our delight Tammy was available again as the trial had not worked out and she came home with us that weekend end – talk about what’s meant to be/fate etc. Nobody was sure if Tammy was a pure Welsh Cardigan Corgi or Corgi X Collie. We all suspected the latter given her temperament and energy levels. A week after she came to live with us we were involved in a flyball event at Discover Dogs and took her along. We walked past the Welsh Cardigan Corgi stand and Tammy was immediately spotted by the breed experts who even recognised her pedigree background and confirmed that she was definitely a Welsh Cardigan Corgi. Tammy herself does not recognise that she is a Corgi, she is convinced that she is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois and does everything she can to keep up with Jed our oldest Malinois including hanging onto his legs and nipping at his ankles!  She has the heart and courage of a lion despite her stature. Tammy is very naughty and incredibly greedy. She will do anything for food including beg, borrow or steal – her favourite way of getting it! Tammy is the first Welsh Cardigan Corgi to compete in flyball in the UK. She does it perfectly most of the time unless there’s a scent of hamburger or sausage in the air which she will run and follow instead!