Breed: Working Sheepdog

BFA Number: 4544B

Average time (10”): 4.50s

Total flyball points: 16430

Fastest single leg (11”): 4.40s

Award: Gold

Spud came to us aged 3 as a failed Working Sheep Dog. He is mad about balls and his favourite past time is to chase them and destroy them! Spud had only been doing flyball with us a short while when he tore both interior collateral and cruciate ligaments in his knee resulting in months of rest and recuperation. He is now fully recovered and working hard to regain his fitness and learn the technical aspects of flyball, oh and to run as fast back with the ball as he does going to get the ball and giving it back! Spud is a very loving dog and uses his charm and guile to try his hardest to convince you to let him keep the ball.