Breed - Working Sheepdog
BFA number -
Fastest Single Leg (7”) - 3.81s
Current Average Time (10”) - 3.90s
Total Flyball Points - 1,800
Highest Award - Flyball Dog Intermediate
Nessie is a firecracker of a dog who believes with every bit of her furry body that she is a terrier. Drive is something that comes naturally to Ness who is named after the famed Loch Ness Monster. handlers have to wear padded kit due to the ferocious jaws of this pint sized power house! Nessie has far surpassed speeds that we thought she would do and in her first year has turned into a fantastic flyball dog! She thoroughly enjoys being in the flyball ring and sings impatiently to get in all day while waiting! At home she is a very cuddly monster who loves to be the centre of attention and will demand it if you are not keeping up!