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TV Vet Joe Inglis

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Flyball Definitions

Mini-Maxi Pairs
Team of two dogs of which one must have a shoulder height of less than 16 inches.

Mixed Pairs
Team of two dogs which must be of different breeds.

A team consisting of 4 dogs of different breeds as recognised by any club or studbook, although one of the dogs may be of mixed breed parentage. Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs are regarded as one breed, Jack Russells are taken to be a single breed, as are each of the 4 groups of Belgian Shepherd Dogs.

Open Pairs
Team of two dogs which can be of the same breed.

The British Flyball Association (click to launch BFA site in a new window)
This is the organisation in Great Britain which promotes international flyball racing, based on the rules from North America where flyball originated some 15 years ago. As a member you receive the Flyball Record and are entitled to accumulate points at competitions in order for your dog to gain their flyball