Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel

BFA Number: 0000X

Average time (xx”):

Total flyball points: 0

August 2007 - 04/11/2009

Fastest single leg (xx”):


Song was a rescue from Many Tears. She was taken by the police out of a Drug Addicts house at the age of about 4 months. Bob had intended to do both flyball & agility with her. But sadly, in her short life, she developed Elbow Dysplasia which ended her flyball career before she had even started. Then, in early 2009, she had a heart complaint which required a pacemaker to be fitted. Unfortunately, the pacemaker didn't solve Song's problems, & despite heart medication, the sad decision to let her go had to be made. Song won't have been known to many in flyball, as she never made it to many shows, but she had a wonderful, if short, life with Bob & Lorrie. She was such a sweet natured & lively little dog, and she will be greatly missed.