Breed: Working Sheepdog

BFA Number: 4105A

Average time (11”): 4.00s

Total flyball points: 10260

KC Name: Touchango Wood E Do Well

04/12/2005 - 01/01/2014

Fastest single leg (11”): 3.87s

Award: Silver

Woody competed in Agility, but took to flyball like a pro. He absolutely loved it and got so excited when his harness came out!! Woody was a great dog to own and train, and was best described as a clown with a heart of gold!! He was known as the dog who along with his team won the British flyball championships in 2009 and again in 2010 and also broke the British speed record twice, he was known as the dog who made people laugh with his silly antics and puppy like behaviour, he was the clumsy pole knocker at agility

but even with only a handful of clear rounds he reached grade 6 before he stopped competing to concentrate on his flyball, he was known as a dog who loved water and would just disappear into the distance if he detected any and would eventually be found wallowing like a hog! He was a dog who loved everybody and anything, and had the best puppy-like outlook on life and was always happy, he was the dog with the longest tongue in the world and could clean out a yogurt pot in 3 seconds flat! But most of all he was

my boy, slightly noisy, a little naughty but simply "my Woody".