Breed: Working Sheepdog

BFA Number: 0105E

Average time (8”): 4.70s

Total flyball points: 41437

KC Name: Wotta Lotta Tosh

15/12/2001 - 17/10/2016

Fastest single leg (7”): 4.24s

Award: Chica Chicana

Tosh was owned by Anne and was the first collie she has owned, having always had ABC’s (Anything But Collies!). He competed at flyball and agility since the age of 20 months. At agility he ran Grade 5 at KC shows, and Senior at UKA - he could’ve gone further, but his handler admits that she handicaped him a little! Tosh had a fantastic character when you got to know him, but was wary and distrustful of strangers. Also affectionately known as ‘You Little Git!!’, Tosh ran with the Hotdogs team until 2008 when his niece Rupee booted him out of the team.