Breed: Working Sheepdog

BFA Number: 0788A

Average time (8”): 4.90

Total flyball points: 31958

06/09/1997 - 11/03/2012

Fastest single leg (9”): 4.22

Award: Pearl

The 6th September, 1997 was a momentous day in more than one way for us. Most people remember it for being the bringing together of a world in mourning for the loss of Princess Diana. Yet, although a dark day, it was combined with a brilliant silver lining, as, under a trailer in a shed on a Cornish farm on this day a beautiful little boy puppy was born. We called him Spencer as a tribute to Princess Diana. When attending puppy socialising classes he stared with such yearning at a tennis ball which made it obvious to all who witnessed it that this was going to be his world. We entered the world of flyball ....... We didn't so much

train, at that time, more – Go get the ball and bring it back (check out his box technique!!) - He later had a nasty injury (not playing flyball) when he damaged his cruciate ligament, this was thought to be 'it' for his flyball career, but after a year's rest he returned to gentle training and racing only over low jumps. He was a smashing old man, still playing 'his game' of 'You'll catch me at the end of the run if I want you to and in my own time right until the end!! And then, I might, or might not let you take the ball

out of my mouth!!' We all loved him to bits!