Bassett Allsorts Flyball Club © 1994

Bassett Allsorts Flyball Club

Bassett Allsorts formed in 1994 when a group of five friends got together after training day with Anton Wittwer of the Jets (European and former World Record Holders). After a couple of years struggling to compete with one team, due to so few handlers, the team rapidly expanded and now has 10 teams registered in BFA Flyball and 6 teams in the UKFL League.

There are many Tournaments throughout the year, indoors and outdoors across the country. There are two seasons, winter and summer, but Flyball Tournaments run all year round. Mainly run in Divisions using seeding times to make the racing competitive. We compete regularly throughout the country. Flyball is the fastest growing dog sport in this country. It is a worldwide sport, with annual UK and European Championships. Flyball is played in America, Canada, Japan, Australia, and many European countries. There are Starter Competitions that your dog can compete in from the age of 12 months but, in the best interests of the dog's long-term health, it has to be at least 18 months old to compete in a Sanctioned Tournament.

Flyball is not  a sport… Who are we? Tournaments Where are we? …it’s an addiction

Some of the dogs that have raced with our teams over the years